Daf led drl conversion kit xf +2017

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Complete set van 4 emitters voor d Daf xf +2017. In totaal 8 cree leds 4 per koplamp. De emiters zijn gelijk aan orgineel en de de orginele stekkers passen op de emitters.

de emitters hebben geen E keur

Complete set with 4 emitters for the DRL in DAF XF +2017, where there as standard is white LEDs. There is a total of 8 CREE LEDs, 4 per headlight lamp. The bright LEDs have the right yellow light, similar to indicators and position lights. If you want warm white like halogen bulbs, this is also available.

Each set consists of 4 emitters, 2 for right side and 2 for the left.

The emitters are completely similar to the original, and the original connectors fit directly on to the new boards, so replacing them is straight forward. Replacing the emitters takes about ½ to 1 hour. The lamp must be accessed from behind, where the emitters are accessible.

Note that the emitters are not ECE-approved.

Replacing the emitters takes about ½ to 1 hour.


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